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Ladybug Light

We have never seen such a wealth of mushrooms. The entire neighborhood is covered with them. They have sprung up along borders, beneath hedges; they have erupted in flower pots and lawns; they crowd the sidewalks like bubbles on the rim of a glass. At the same time, as if to reveal their darker side, the older ones have already begun to rot. At a glance they look like stranded […]

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You Must Remember This

A family photograph in which I look like a lost soul, or perhaps a soul that just happens to be visiting a familiar body, as the eye scans a ledger with all its columns filled but one or two, or a star a lonely field, while those around me smile, sure of themselves. It’s October, love. Now tell me how you feel. Like you. You know I do. That’s why […]

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Nothing but a ring of sand traced by hand around the ankle. Nothing but a change of weather in the hair. Nothing but a wrist amiss and blind as daytime passion. Nothing but a rising tide . . . a fragrant breath . . . a vision there. September 26, 2019

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In Light Of

Someone says the bright new mushrooms shine like lanterns by the walk. . . . the moon?   In Light Of Twenty-six degrees this morning. I wonder what I would do if I were a star? Shine like the rest of them, I suppose. And perhaps be gone by the time my light is seen in this faraway world. Lantern is a word I love. I wonder how old I […]

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