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Sweet Sleep and Bare Feet

Yesterday evening, I thought of a good name for the next phase of writing: Sweet Sleep and Bare Feet. To me it sounds, seems, and feels like it means, or can come to mean, a great deal, very much like the moment one gives, or is given, a flower or smile. In that light, I have restored the social media capabilities that are part of this publishing platform. And now that I have finished the long and pleasant task of organizing my older writings and drawings, I have also enabled the comment feature, beginning with the two transitional pieces that precede this entry.


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  1. Thank you ~

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  2. The world needs more of this. You inspire, sir. Thank you, for sharing your beautiful work.

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  3. Have often wished to express that your writing is meaningful and beautiful. Finally… 🙂

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  4. So pleased about this. Not always, but sometimes I enjoy an opportunity to respond to your wonderful musings and writing, William.

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  5. It bring joy to see you back with a new endeavour. May you have a great evening sir.

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  6. Ich freue mich über deine freigeschaltete Kommentarfunktion, habe ich doch versäumt, dir ein Email zu schreiben,
    dich damit zu wertschätzen, weil deine Beiträge so sehr klug sind, Einblicke in deine Welt geben, dein Innerstes freilegen.
    Danke, lieber Freund.
    Herzlichst, Edith

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