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How Can We Know?

The word silence isn’t silence, just as love and peace aren’t love and peace. Writing them and saying them is a little like hoping the train will come. The train might arrive. It might not. No hope can bind it. What is silence? What are love and peace? How can we know, unless we surrender ourselves? How can we know, unless we are the living embodiment of each? . [ […]

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Just As If

The tie you never wore, The pants too tight, too loose, Too long, too short to fit, And all the rest of it. Hello, madam. Good day, sir. My hat is off, my head is soft, My heart is just a blur. But I love you — yes, I love you, Just as if I were there And you were here. . [ 1588 ]

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Star Light, Star Bright

A picture of a mountain isn’t a mountain. So with a river, a flower, and those we hate and love. Memory, too, is a kind of picture, as are words. The word mountain isn’t a mountain. But to show each other our pictures, we climb mountains and mountains of words. The memory of something that happened isn’t the happening. Maybe that’s one reason we keep fighting wars. Genocide in books […]

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