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Papa, 1908

Papa, 1908


This is my father’s father, from a large photo-portrait taken when he was twelve, about two years after his arrival in this country. Since to a surprising degree this picture shows the way I think, I might attempt more of these strange collages.

Penny Thoughts and Photographs, August 6, 2009

Papa, 1908

Glen Ragsdale, Detail, 1973

Glen Ragsdale, Detail, 1973

  This is a detail from an untitled painting by a close friend of mine, Glen Ragsdale. It was done in 1973 when the artist was seventeen, about a year before he died of cancer. When he finished the painting, he framed it and sold it to my parents for forty dollars because he was short about that much money for his car insurance. After he passed away, a showing […]

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