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Running Meditation

I’m still running early in the morning. It’s nice to be out when it’s dark, with little or no traffic. Gradually, according to the body’s suggestions and requests, I’m opening my stride and increasing my pace, adding to the distance I cover and the time I spend out. My heart and lungs respond willingly and gratefully to the pleasant demand, as do my feet, my legs, and the rest of me. I breathe in and out only through my nose. I’m mindful that there’s tension nowhere, from head to toe. This brings a forever quality to the activity, making it what I might call a “running meditation.” By this I mean that despite the foregoing description, there is, for most of the time I’m out, no separation between my body and me. Phrasing it as such is just an easy, practical way of relating the experience. Now, I’m well aware that there’s nothing unusual about what I’m doing. The process is new to me, that’s all. And since it is what I’m doing, and because I can tell how beneficial it is to my health and well being, I think it’s worthwhile to make a little record of it here.


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  1. Wären wir nicht so weit entfernt, würden wir uns vielleicht begenen, lächel…

    William, mir fiel gestern auf, dass ich gar keine Texte mehr von dir im Reader finde, heute stelle ich fest, dass mein *Folgen* gar nicht
    mehr aktiviert war. Sehr eigenartig!!!
    Aber ich habe es wieder aktiviert!!!!
    Dir alles Gute,

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  2. Long may you run – thank you for sharing your thoughts in fine prose. Your writings are a trusted companion, for me, on my road.

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  3. Great post! I spent so much time running because I had to for work (military), and now that I only do it for pleasure, it has changed how I feel about it—mentally, emotionally, and physically ❤️

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  4. That is a great connection to make. I tend to only get this on long runs, very rarely if less than a few hours. Out of interest, how long are you running to feel this way?

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    • These aren’t long runs — two to three miles — and my speed varies from day to day. But the feeling is nigh instantaneous. The key, for me, is letting go of any tension, and that happens within the first few breaths.

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  5. Love your post! I love running- especially in the quiet early mornings! It has always felt more like a meditation to me than exercise. A wonderful way to be present and move mindfully. And to experience nature if you’re running outdoors. I am grateful to live outside of the busy city where I can be closer to stillness and nature.

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  6. Beautiful post! I myself have started running recently and it is already making such a difference in my physical and mental health.

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