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Isn’t Is

Hot days and warm nights. But it’s all relative. We used to call these temperatures cool in the San Joaquin Valley. Still, one hundred is one hundred, and seventy is seventy — just as my name is what’s stated on my birth certificate, and on all of my other “important papers,” the electronic ones included. In other words, it is, and it isn’t. Or, to frame it as a question: […]

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The Stranger’s Tale

One day, when his fire was still a bundle of sticks, his water ice, and his last crust gone, the weary beggar met a little bird on the road. “Fair one,” said he, “how do you manage so well, you who travel with only a few seeds in your stomach?” From a frosty bare branch the little bird answered, “Long ago, I learned a secret from a very old and […]

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