William Michaelian

Poems, Notes, and Drawings


This website features writing and artwork selected
from among the following sources, interspersed with new pieces,
notes, and commentary. It begins here.


Print Titles

A Listening Thing. Winter Poems. Another Song I Know.
The Painting of You. No Time to Cut My Hair. One Hand Clapping.
Primitive: Selected Drawings in Pixel, Pencil & Pen.
Among the Living and Other Stories.
The Thing About Strawberries: 31 Dreams.


In Armenian Translation

The Old Language. A Map of My Heart.


Online Titles

Recently Banned Literature. As Is.
My Father Walking, and Twenty-Four Other Things.
Songs and Letters. Collected Poems.
Penny Thoughts and Photographs.
Early Short Stories. Poems, Slightly Used.


Novel Manuscript

The Smiling Eyes of Children.


Information & Correspondence



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