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A Warm Muffin and a Fresh Ripe Orange

The weather turns cold, and here I am
with my books again — the book of fallen leaves,
and of the cloudless night and bright

moon — the book of wordless
days, and of the failing
light in my work

room — and
glad I am,

will be
home soon.

October 9, 2019

A Warm Muffin and a Fresh Ripe Orange

Imagine loving silence and solitude so well you invite everyone in to share it. And by in, I don’t mean your house, or your room, or even your forest. I mean your understanding, which is mist to some, a galaxy to others, a quiet pond, a vast murmuration. A warm muffin. A fresh, ripe orange, like the one we live upon and call the earth, which is peeled and eaten and replenished with each breath. Imagine loving so well, by which I mean so completely and without reservation, that upon greeting each other we joyously brush the words from our coats and leave them to melt on the floor. Leaf, ash, lantern, each your favorite in turn. And then come the hugs. And the tears. Why, oh why, have we waited so long? Were we waiting for Christmas? Why were we waiting at all? No; please; do not answer. In this windswept snowy realm, any grave will do. As will every flower, every universe, every child. Imagine? Why, when all of it and none of it is real? And yet we do. And so I imagine my love for you.

Recently Banned Literature, December 24, 2017

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