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Why I Write

Every bit as much as I love writing, I love not writing. Each love illuminates, energizes, and inspires the other. Each is an indispensable part of the other. Each is the other. To put it another way, I couldn’t love writing if I didn’t also love not writing. I say this because it’s impossible to remove some love and leave the rest. Love is indivisible. It is whole. In the same way, I can’t love you, and not love someone who is lost, and who may never find his way; I can’t not love someone even if he is hated and reviled by all of the world. Were I to take part in that hatred, my love would no longer be love. This is why I write. It’s also why I don’t.


[ 1678 ]

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  1. Mein JA dazu hast du, Liebe ist Ja und Nein, Liebe ist alles…
    Fein, du bist wieder hier…

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  2. Langsam, ohne Druck. Es gibt hier kein Müssen. ❤

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