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Window Thoughts

One thought I have for this quiet, spare new space is to share on occasion some of what I feel is my best work from Recently Banned Literature. To do that, I will need to sift through nearly 4,000 entries. Another thought is to do the same with my first website, I’m Telling You All I Know, which, when I took it offline in 2011, contained 1,200 pages. My primary focus, however, will be on day-to-day living. On the surface that sounds a bit vague, or maybe even a little precious, but I have always lived and written that way. For instance, at the moment, the sun is not quite up and I’m sitting next to an open window, listening to the birds. This is enough to make me see the folly in my first two thoughts. Looking back, looking forward, looking, looking — all while the air is summery and sweet enough to drive me mad, if I weren’t mad already.


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