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We live in a world inhabited by giant sequoias thousands of years old. This is true wealth. If I had not grown up near them, visited them, gazed upon them, put my hands on them, and taken their very breath deep into my lungs, I would not be this person; I would be someone else. Yes, we can, and should, say this of all living things, great or small. We can, and should, say it of each other. To meet and be among each other as sequoias, in the profundity of all kinds of joy, grief, and weather; to tremble in each other’s presence and communicate in leaf and by root — isn’t this what, each day, we are called to do? Isn’t this the opportunity we were born to?


You forget I’m a leaf in another life, pretending to be a butterfly’s wing — or is it a life in another leaf, not pretending anything? Well, it’s understandable. And yet, it goes on happening — just as I forget you’re a summer morning, pretending everything.

Recently Banned Literature, August 5, 2017

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