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Canvas 298 — August 21, 2013

Canvas 298 — August 21, 2013

More Than Anything

Love does not say, “See the bad man.”
Love says, “Come, let us find the good in ourselves.”

Love does not heap shame on those who are lost.
Love remains near, that they may be found.

Love does not say, “This one, but not this one.”
Love says, “In good time, all.”

Love does not wait with a flag at the wall.
Love is a lantern in your heart, filled with starlight.

Love does not say, “Peace is a dream.”
Love says, “Love, more than anything.”

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Canvas 298 — More Than Anything

Sunday Stroll

Potted yard-gnome in a clump of dry grass girl at a window of unwashed glass and the shopkeeper turns it over and says look at the back here is the artist’s signature but I see bird tracks and arthritic hands the colored paths of an old butter knife and the child at the window is an old woman now so beautiful down from the shelf and the shopkeeper smiles when […]

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If this is a perfect world, then I,
being part of this world, am perfect too.

If this is not a perfect world,
then I must be an imperfect judge.

If this world is a ball of light in a reader’s hand,
or a pound of fine chocolate,
then I am a sweetly rising sun,
an intensely living man.

Canvas 958 — July 8, 2017

Canvas 958 — July 8, 2017

Canto — Canvas 958