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In the Language

We hear it said that words are symbols, as if in a sense they were lined up on one side, with reality on the other, and us in between — dirty things tainted by their own meanings, useful as a daily sort of common currency, but basically crippled as a means of expressing life in its great profundity and mystery, which are best trusted to silence. This is very much […]

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Star so pale — her worn out shoes, her tired back, her eyes once blue. Sky so low — garden wall — child listens, sirens wail. Where they go — what I know — a quiver full of symbols in a gale. [ 729 ]

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Life is the ultimate virus — it kills everyone. It’s also a symbol — of love. March 7, 2020   Symbols Flight and Bird — and then one day Light became Word, And Sky and Heart concurred. [ 687 ]

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