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Glen Ragsdale, Detail, 1973

Glen Ragsdale, Detail, 1973


This is a detail from an untitled painting by a close friend of mine, Glen Ragsdale. It was done in 1973 when the artist was seventeen, about a year before he died of cancer. When he finished the painting, he framed it and sold it to my parents for forty dollars because he was short about that much money for his car insurance.

After he passed away, a showing of his work was organized and staged in the high school cafeteria. At the showing, there were dozens of paintings of all sizes — landscapes, portraits, still-lifes. Previously, Glen had sold many of them to people in town to help pay for his medical bills. A number of the later ones were painted on his side in bed, leaning on his elbow. I visited him every day, and watched them all come into being.

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