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Wise Old Child

Letting go the precious image of oneself — the habit,

the mask, the careworn cloak — isn’t this the fear of death?

And if it is, why not let go now and be completely free,

like the wind that blows and snow that falls?

In life and deed — why not be

a wise old child?


[ 1609 ]

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  1. Interesting coincidence. I heard an interview this morning on NPR with Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate, who noted that all children are naturally creative. Give a kid a crayon and a piece of paper and they will draw.
    He said that all kids will naturally dance when they hear music. (He said he noticed that this seemed to be especially true when they heard the Beatles)😄 Then he said that for most this appears to stop around adolesence.
    This reminded me of Dr. E. O. Wilson’s comments about the love of Nature (biophilia). That too seems to end at adolescence when we stop loving animals in order to become one. 😯
    William, I think you just hit the mail on the head!

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  2. I meant to say Nail on the head. Tpyos R us!

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  3. I’m confused. Am I Abbott or Costello? Are you Laurel or Hardy?

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