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As Every Dandelion Knows

Anger, irritation, frustration, impatience; negative thoughts, unkind thoughts; worry, anxiety, fear, a desire for control — each brings tension to the body. Not only does this cause discomfort, illness, and wear, it becomes part of one’s daily physical and verbal language, thus amounting to a kind of communicable disease.

During my run yesterday morning and the morning before, I heard an owl each time I passed through the street just south of ours, which is adjacent to a creek and wetland. It was high in a fir tree. I also heard robins singing in the dark. But no frogs. It might be that the frogs were listening to the owl and to the robins — frogs, with their little morning newspapers, kitchen tables, coffee pots, and gas burners. We know this: frogs don’t have electric appliances. And very few wear glasses.

If there had been a siren announcing an emergency in the vicinity, I would, in all likelihood, have also heard the howl of coyotes.

Running on a street where there once was no street, no cars, no houses, and no town, is an interesting thing. It’s certainly more odd than most people seem to realize. And yet the stars, the clouds, and the breeze are just as free and wild as they have always been. Patient, too, it seems. And kinder than we can possibly fathom as long as our gaze is fixed on the ground. And the ground is kind, as every dandelion knows.


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  1. Very beautiful. All that remains is what we think we know. And nature simply continues to thrive and flow. 🙂

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  2. This morning I walked barefoot in the snow. A feeling of cotton and warmth.
    A sensation of great nudity.
    Then I came home and got cold feet.
    But this cold was sweet.
    This snow in the middle of April is surprising.
    We were suddenly in winter.

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