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Borne by the Bier

Sweet sleep, for we might say sleep is that from which we arise, to emerge at birth and find ourselves astonished by the light; and then, at the appointed time, that to which we return, ripe and ready for the next miracle. Sweet, for how could it not be? — as sweet as the sleep of the child one was, is, and will become — sweet as the dew on any blossom, leaf, or fruit you may choose. The sweet sleep you grant yourself by virtue of your love for others, and for all, and therefore you too. Sweet, though there be pain and strife all around. Sleep, though there is grief, and though there is suffering, knowing you are part of that too.

Bare feet, for all that is natural and joyful; bare, that there may be nothing between the earth and your toes, between you and all she is so willing and eager to tell. Feet, free of the prison and armor of humid socks and crippling shoes, and from the striking of heels of soldiers who, by order of habit, fear even and especially themselves.

Sweet sleep and bare feet, for all they are, all they bring, all they carry, all they restore, and all they reveal; and, for the nigh-weightless body borne by the bier, on its way and always ever at home.


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9 replies

  1. This is the true revelation of life and death. Both are welcome and inevitable. Skin is what wraps us when we come and when we go. Barefoot we sleep, the bliss of returning to what we will again come forth from. So beautiful. 🙂

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  2. As are your words. Thank you, Terveen, and thank you for being here in this lovely in-between-time.


  3. Wie gut es tut, aus dem Schlaf, dem süßen wieder zu erwachen – auch nach dem Tod wird es so sein.
    Nackt sind wir geboren, nackt werden wir in die Ewigkeit eintreten, allen Ballast, den wir trugen,
    werden wir dann hinter uns lassen.
    Dieser Gedanke beseelt.
    Danke für deine Gedanken dazu.

    Herzlichst, Edith

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  4. Who’d have thought to put these two together: sweet sleep and bare feet, two great companions. Lovely writing as ever, william.

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    • Thanks, Elisabeth. It’s funny how these things just sort of arrive, who knows by what circuitous path. I always say it takes a lifetime to write any given thing, because it all must be lived before it can take form and come to light.

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  5. I am always inspired and moved by your beautiful, grounded words. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

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  6. Thanks very, very much. And I must say, your poems make for some lovely, bright reading.

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