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A Magnificent Beard

Yes, I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in,

but I’m also banged up around the edges. For instance,

no one would look at me and think I’m younger than

my age. They’d likely think I’m older. Be that as it may,

I’m often greeted as if it’s understood I have a sense

of humor. And just the other day, the tow truck driver

who came to rescue us when our car battery died

told me I had a magnificent beard. I was in the back seat

of his truck when it happened. I was having a hard time

getting my seat belt buckled when he leaned back to help and said,

Oh, I see. Your magnificent beard is in the way,

which was true, except for the magnificent part. Long,

yes. And larger than most. And mostly gray. What am I

to do? Although I dress in standard attire, I have a ridiculous

appearance. It isn’t my intention. It simply happened

of its own accord. It might even have been

my fate, my destiny. Anyway, I’d say the results are in,

except that if I’m lucky enough to go on living, I’ll likely

end up looking and being even more ridiculous,

until I’m most humorously and ridiculously dead.


[ 1746 ]

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