William Michaelian

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Lilac Tale

The two little girls were surprised when I gave them each a sprig of lilac

and asked them to smell the flowers. They were hushed, too,

because in their boredom they’d torn them off, along with others

and many tender leaves. And they were saddened,

when I gently told them we’d given the plant to my mother

many years ago, that it was her favorite, and that though she had died,

the flowers were special to us too. I told them a few other things,

mostly about taking care of plants and getting along with the neighbors

and one another. Twice during our little talk, I asked them each

if they understood. In no hurry to leave, and without a trace of fear,

they looked into my eyes and nodded. So beautiful they were,

so innocent. Even if they do it again, I know we’ll still be friends.


[ 1745 ]

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