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At seven millimeters, my new huaraches are the thinnest, most comfortable I’ve worn. And after a few walks to get used to them, I’ve now taken them for a run. These sandals will likely be the last bit of footwear I use, as I gradually ease into walking and running entirely barefoot — because I’ve realized that for me, the best, most comfortable, most reliable shoes I can wear are no shoes at all. Yes, after a lifetime of conventional shoes, it took a while to build up foot strength. But once I kicked them off, it was amazing how quickly my feet, and my whole body, began to respond. And yes, I understand how fortunate I am to live in an area where icy days are few. I’m far from an expert, on walking, running, or anything else. I only know what works for me, and that going without shoes is one of the healthiest, most beneficial things I’ve ever done. I’m eager to be on my feet, and to feel whatever the terrain has to offer. It’s a vital form of connection and communication. And the pain of constriction, of heels, of padding, and all of the jolting they incurred, is gone. As an unremarkable and very average human being almost sixty-six years of age, I have re-learned what I knew as a child: that I’m made to walk and run, and to be pain-free and joyful whether I’m in the yard, on the street, or on the trail.

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  1. By 7mm, do you mean the heel to toe drop? I’ve been running in zero drop for a year, though am now mixing back in some 4+5mm drop shoes. I did contemplate Vibram five fingers, but have found my weak knee (old injuries), needs some cushioning. I ran barefoot in my teens, but I’m not sure that would work now with so much glass and other debris on the streets. I can’t get straight off road from here, and when i do, there is dog poo to negotiate. I will look forward to seeing how you find it. I love the concept but am not sure the practicalities make it viable here in the UK without some sort of foot cover

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  2. I remenber this felling when I was child, to walking naked feet every where, on all the lands. What wonderful freedom. I was just a animal like a other, and I liked that. I really liked that ! Thanks to remind me.
    (sorry for my bad english !)

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