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A Few Clay Pots

Let’s leave behind a few clay pots and a worn out pair of sandals.

As for dreams and thoughts, let’s keep them guessing. They will be anyway:

Religion, music, poetry, science — cathedrals, symphonies, books —

Fragments that represent, but never quite make, the whole.

Our little daughter said it best with the very first word she spoke:

Light. She was nine months old. And when she was seven,

She sketched my face with a piece of charcoal from our stove.

It looked more like me than I do. Let’s leave that too.

A shame that it was lost — or was it?

Is anything ever, really?

Are you?


[ 1404 ]

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  1. Each day should lead us to discover something new (about ourselves too). Wonderfully written. 🙂

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