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Running Roads and Trails

Having comfortably extended my morning run to about a mile and a quarter, I’d like next to try the two-and-a-half-mile trail by Goose Lake and the river. And then, eventually, if I haven’t completely lost my mind, or even if I have, or have already, I’d like to run the trails through the mossy canyon, alongside the creek, and past the falls. We’ve met or been passed by runners many times in both places. There’s no reason to think I can’t be one of them. I’ve certainly felt no indication otherwise. Invariably, what I feel when I run is healthier and stronger. And I find the exercise and deeper breathing early in the morning on an empty stomach an ideal way to reset the body for the day ahead. At this stage, it’s all very experimental. It reminds me of when I first started writing. It reminds me of writing now. Where will it lead? I don’t know. And that’s its appeal.


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