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I wonder if there is anything more ludicrous than the idea of self-improvement. Imagine looking at a newborn baby and thinking such a beautiful, perfect thing can be better than it is. Imagine believing so strongly in the idea of imperfection that one is bound to see it everywhere and in everything. And then imagine teaching by example this tragic outlook to a blossoming, perfect child.


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  1. We battle ourselves to be even better.

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  2. This brings to mind a moment with my (at the time) one month old grandson. As I sat holding the infant in my lap, facing me, he gently reached out to touch my face as if he were looking through me, not at me. It seemed as though he was attempting to make sense of the image before him — making no distinction between his tiny “self” and my “self”.

    Soon enough, everything we teach children reinforces individualization. The unified world we are born into is divided in two, where relational learning happens. The dynamic of duality is where imperfection is born. The good news being that unity is never left us, and oh the joy of rediscovery!

    “…how much of what I tell is made up? And what part of it is true? All, all.” (w.m.)

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  3. Not to be better, but to be Self.
    This is the most beautiful thing there is : hatching to God.
    Everything is there, but everything is to be discovered. This is an incredible wonder.
    Life is a mysterious and surprising path.
    Imperfection is Perfection.
    Why ?
    It is a secret that only the one who lives it can understand and sometimes express it.

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  4. It is I, William, who thank you for inspiring me in this dialogue.

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  5. Each marching moment is perfection itself.

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  6. Very thought-provoking
    great post 👍

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