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Things I Ask Myself

How slowly can I breathe? How deeply?

How calm can I be? Somewhat calm? Quite calm? Infinitely calm?

How far can I run? And for how long?

How patient can I be? How helpful, how considerate, how understanding, how gentle?

How little harm can I do? How little disturbance can I make in the world?

How present can I be? How aware? How grateful? How devoid of ego?

How much is my speaking like singing? How much is my movement like dance?

How much do I rest like a stone? How much do I reflect like a pond?

How clear is my water? How blue is my sky? How dark is my night? How bright are my stars?

How much like play is my work?


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  1. A great deal, I’d say.

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  2. These are questions we should all ask of ourselves and I agree with Elizabeth.

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    • And I agree with you, except that I wonder, and have long wondered, about that word “should,” because “should” threatens to take the play right out of it, and to suggest that if we don’t, we are inferior in some way. Everything must come in its natural time, each of us at our own pace, according to our own special wiring and understanding. And of course even my saying this is play. It is also a rather long and windy form of “thank you.”

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