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A Book and Boy

The first verse is a faithful telling of something that happened which my eldest grandson has likely forgotten, and which I had forgotten too, until I rediscovered the poem. The verses that follow are still happening.


A Book and Boy

A book and boy in his lap, a farmer tells
his grandson how a big combine cuts the wheat,
and loaves of fresh-baked bread come out
the other end. They compare hands.

The mind — well, the mind is really just a pitchfork
full of loose hay, and frogs, and owls,
and wagon-rides, with some starlight thrown in,

and you grind it into flour somehow,
add some rain, and the sun turns it into bread.

There’s a big brick oven up there —
between the ears, that is.

And a heaven
down here.

The order doesn’t matter as much
as the tool at hand.

Recently Banned Literature, June 3, 2013


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