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How Your Speech

After some time away, I’ve drifted back into Emerson’s journal, where, after reading for a while today, I found myself on Page 590 of the first volume of the two-volume Library of America edition. This time around, the searching sweetness of his observations makes me feel like a butterfly or hummingbird; his hesitations, confessions, and insights are flowers. It’s a springtime, summertime reading.

Our grapes are in bloom. After losing three tender canes to the wind some weeks ago, we still have, if I’ve counted correctly, eighteen bunches. The growth on the south side is already supported by the apricot tree; I expect it to grow through and beyond. On the north side, it’s already up to the roof of the house.

If you know what peace is, you will do more than cherish it in your quiet moments; you will live in a way that ensures its happiness and growth. Peace will not be fooled or teased; it sees through insincere praise; it will not be enticed with lip service or false claims.

June 2, 2021. Evening.


How Your Speech

How your speech, speaks you;

your thoughts, think you;

of these, your life, be proof;

your life, your face, your face, your mouth;

how peace, seeks you, where words, are deeds, in truth.

Recently Banned Literature, December 16, 2014


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