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All These Years

All these years, and the old bank building
still blushes in the morning light,
her stern face warming
a color at a time.

And there’s a story about her,
with a rose, and a hat, and a ribbon,
and a meadow.

It seems in her youth she was wooed
by the saloon across the street,
where Granddad drank and talked
and smoked.

But her old man was practical:
the saloon was bought off somehow,
its dry boards painted, and given
a shiny new door knob.

The bank sighed through her ceiling fans;
grew distant and cold; hated her pa
in his hat and suspenders, and especially
his money.

When I was a boy, I hated him too.

I was in love with her strange perfume.

So what did I do?

I hid a penny in her wall.

And it was this light that made me think of it now.

Recently Banned Literature, April 7, 2014


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