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Crazy Old Widow

Over the rise, past the cemetery,
through the orange grove in bloom,
on the Sunday morning side of the barn,
the old rusted car your uncle drove,
weeds through the floor board,
cracks in the wheel knob,
heaven’s own smell,
the slowest kind
of smoke.

“Heaven’s Own Smell”
Recently Banned Literature, May 21, 2014


Crazy Old Widow

The crazy old widow
keeps a vineyard
of gnarled
old men

with bark
shaggy and grim

and grapes for eyes
the dust is in

across the road
where barn boards ken
spiders’ beards
and lizards’

and state their case
as best they can
in the least
of wind

one match
would do her in

one mad dash
with a frying pan

and the widow’s grin
would flare up

and scorch us
all to hell

Recently Banned Literature, April 15, 2014


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