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Canvas 499 — Little Boy Blue

Canvas 499 — December 25, 2014

Canvas 499 — December 25, 2014


Little Boy Blue

It’s my pleasure and good fortune to work every day of the year — to set down a few words, to draw, or to otherwise tend to the bookish details of my elderly childhood. But the word work should fool no one; I use it only to distinguish from the rest of the play that constitutes my daily life. For I’m as silly and eager about grocery shopping and floor mopping as I am about giving my half-baked thoughts to the world. And I do it all in sickness and in health, never quite sure that one is not the other, or both. At the same time, it should be clear from these pages that I don’t wait for inspiration. It waits for me, stopping, pointing, laughing, and then runs on ahead. Sometimes I almost catch her — but of course that’s just part of her game. And yet I’ve held her in dreams.

December 25, 2019

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