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Canvas 498 — Are You Listening?

Canvas 498 — December 24, 2014

Canvas 498 — December 24, 2014


Are You Listening?

There are times when the spirit-feeling is so powerful that physical boundaries — gravity, flesh, walls, even death — seem to melt and fade in its presence. And yet this feeling might well be physical itself. But why assume there is a difference at all? Would I do so if I were a giant sequoia, in nightly contact with the stars? Some will say man cannot fly, but his spirit can. I am more inclined to say that if his spirit is in flight, then so is his body. And when his spirit lands, his body is returned to him in an exalted, rejuvenated state. This is so even if his body has the outward appearance of a crumbled edifice or shipwreck. The joy is in noticing the miracle. The miracle is joy. Are you listening? Am I?

December 24, 2019. Evening.

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