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The Chosen Ones

This world I see, feel, taste, touch, imagine, dream — is my consciousness. And so my early-morning walk, with its chimney smoke, irises, and crows, is my own private mirror. A quick glance, and I see what I think I see. But a deeper gaze reveals eternity, and thus the futility of all thoughts mercenary, by which to the loser goes the spoils. To hate someone is to hate myself. When I choose who and what I love, my choice is inevitably a selfish, petty one. I can divide, oh yes. But who is conquered?

“My Crooked Mile”
Recently Banned Literature, May 18, 2017

The Chosen Ones

If we cannot love everything and everyone,
can we, truly, love anything or anyone?

In choosing whom or what we love (if such choice were possible),
do we not proclaim that our judgment is larger than life itself?

Is not that choice an illusion?

If we love only what we think we love, are we not, then,
defining love and placing on it certain limitations?

Would it not be better to be defined by love,
than to try to define it?

Are we so small in our uncertainty and fear that we must love
only that which pleases us, or which we think reflects well on us,
or which loves us in return? If so, how can we call that love?

It is a grave error we make in thinking that anything exists
outside of love.

Can you, in your deepest thought and contemplation,
say which part of you loves and which does not?

If you say the mind loves, or the heart loves,
or that love is harbored in various glands and organs,
what, then, of the rest of you? Are parts of you worthy
or unworthy of love? Is love necessary to one part,
but not to another?

Is love a condition that changes with history,
time, and weather?

And what of the insane?
Are we love’s orphans, love’s abandoned step-children?

Recently Banned Literature, November 23, 2011

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