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Strawberries — Haiku, Poem, and Dream

Indeed, love bids the earnest question:

Can one have truly tasted a fresh, ripe strawberry
and still believe in politics and war?

The answer is, quite clearly, No.

May 17, 2019

Haiku June

With my very own eyes — a ripe strawberry picking a little girl.

Poems, Slightly Used, June 18, 2009



Rainbow Ring Around the Sun

Rainbow ring around the sun
rain to come

loves his strawberries

take the road
where flowers grow

instead of flags
and guns

have you ever seen
such a dear sweet smile

Recently Banned Literature, May 27, 2013



The Thing About Strawberries

Feeling sad, I went to a diner to meet a friend. The diner had only three walls. My friend wasn’t there. A woman who looked very bored nodded in my direction from behind the counter. A family of people with very large heads, grotesque from their thoughts, got up to leave, completely ignoring their little girl who was rolling and kicking unhappily on the floor. The girl’s head was also grotesque, much too large for her body. She jumped up and ran after the adults. My friend arrived just as they were leaving. “The thing about strawberries,” he said to me, “is that they’re wild. All you have to do is go out and pick them.” In my mind I pictured long rows of commercially cultivated strawberries wet with dew, and how wet the workers’ feet and pants and hands become when they pick them, especially in the morning. I knew my friend was aware of strawberry farms, and that he had, in fact, picked berries to earn money when he was in school. But I also knew he was right — strawberries really are wild, and will take over your backyard if you let them, and even take root in sidewalks, curbs, and streets. Strawberries, everywhere. Their color and scent. I thought, “Now, that’s exactly what we need.”

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Thing About Strawberries: 31 Dreams
Chapbook, MuscleHead Press, 2010

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