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A Strange Bit of Knowledge

In terms of gun violence, the city we live in is no different than others scattered across this land. Every time we leave the house, we know we can be shot and killed. It might be during a walk through the neighborhood, or when we’re buying groceries, or visiting a park, or on our way to or from seeing our children and grandchildren. It’s a strange bit of knowledge to live with. That millions and millions of us are living with the same knowledge makes it even stranger. I don’t wring my hands. I don’t propose a solution. We live as simply, honestly, gratefully, and compassionately as we can. You may choose to do the same. You may choose hatred, anger, and outrage. You may choose politics. You may choose to believe it can’t happen to you or your family. You may even choose to have your own gun. Whatever your choice, you must be ready to live and die with it. We all must be.


[ 1736 ]

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