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Where None Can Be and None Is Needed

Last night, after a warm, sunny day, I dreamed it had snowed, and that the neighborhood was a hushed, white calm.

This morning, there arose in my mind the image of last summer’s junco nest in our hanging flower basket, after the little ones had flown. And I marveled all over again at its simplicity, and how quickly it returned to the elements, to the earth from which it came. No statues, no monuments, nothing to keep, save, or pass on.

Oh, the worldwide web, the parade of images, the advertising, the celebrities, the politics. Click, click, click. Advice. Pronouncements. Conclusions. Certainty where none can be and none is needed.

Who won the game? I really like his shoes. Wow. They glow in the dark. Then again, so do the stars, and they don’t cost two hundred dollars.

We planted nine dahlias yesterday. We lost several others during the winter, despite careful storage, shriveled, the life gone out of them. Dandelions, though, are forever. Relatively speaking, of course. So are cockroaches. Speaking of relatives.

April 28, 2023


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