William Michaelian

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Your Choice

Negativity is a poison as dangerous and addictive as any drug. It darkens our outlook and skews our view of the world. Given time, it ruins our health, our digestion, our facial expression, our posture, and our body language, and has a profound affect on those around us. Negativity breeds more negativity. It chases away positive people and attracts others who are negative. There’s no such thing as a positive hate group, or a positive political party. Their actions are filtered through divisiveness and negativity, and are broadcast around the world twenty-four hours a day by negative news media, creating more negativity. And even though it’s obvious nothing can be improved through negativity, or thoughtfully considered and truly understood, the drug is so powerful and the habit so strong that it creates the desire for more. Whereas, positivity and love have the completely opposite effect, without endangering anyone. And it’s a choice. Moment by moment, thought by thought, a positive groundwork can be built, until positivity becomes as light and natural as negativity is distorted and dark. But what of reality, you say? That’s another story — and that’s also our choice.


[ 1712 ]

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