William Michaelian

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Let’s speak and act in such a way that kindness is the inevitable response.


Instead of telling a child that a certain bright light in the sky is the moon, ask her what it is. Whatever she says will be true.


When you press the Publish button, do so as if you’ve just run all the way from your village to mine and arrived breathless and eager to share your poem, your news, your comfort, your discovery, your love, your joy.


Have you noticed? No matter how far they’ve traveled, or wherever they’re from, the earth always welcomes her migrants.


[ 1663 ]

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  1. To write again after some months; that third paragraph made me smile.

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  2. STARK, jede einzelne Mitteilung – so STARK..
    Danke, lieber Freund….

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  3. Beautiful lines. Much to grasp and retain. 🙂

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