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Children of the Precipice

Children of the Precipice, it’s time for authenticity, not pose.


To heal a part, you must love the whole.


As a participant in this beautiful immensity, I don’t feel insignificant, I feel fortunate. With each breath, I’m as near as the apple and worm, and as far as the most distant star. We’re intimately related and uniformly blessed, part of the same miracle.


[ 1661 ]

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  1. God bless you, dear William!

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  2. I actually really need this 😭 things are hard, but we always know there’s something good

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  3. … gleichermaßen gesegnet – dies lässt Hoffnung für ALLES zu. Danke lieber William, du öffnest und kurbelst unser Denken an.

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