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Teacher, Teacher (and a note)

We sat in rows in classrooms. We laughed and squirmed and raised our hands.

Pretty girls, awkward boys. Pretty boys, boyish girls. Dervish whirls and eyes.

Teacher, teacher, tell us true. You have seen us, bright and blue.

We were meek and we were wise. You taught us, and we taught you.

Some were lies, some were true. Teacher, teacher. Teacher, teacher, teacher.


I don’t resolve, but I do feel, once again, a time has come for me to write less, speak less, publish less, and bide in silence in between. It’s a good feeling, not a fretful one — a winter feeling, when raindrops cling to limbs, and the library’s darkest corners yield the clearest, brightest gems. I surrender to it without expectation or plan. Whatever it holds is good. In the meantime, let’s all be listening. Let’s all be kind. Thank you.


[ 1658 ]

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7 replies

  1. Dear William, we already miss you.
    Yet we have always known you and are close in heart. I wish you the best, friend.

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  2. Hello, Wild Bill aka Basil (Vasily, Vasileios, etc.)

    It’s that time of year again, old friend. Time to take stock of everything we’ve done over the past year and let it go at that. No regrets for things not started or finished because we’re still here with loved ones.

    I wish you a joyous nameday and a 2023 full of everything to make you and yours happy.

    With kind regards from the boondocks of the Southern Peloponnese,


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    • Dear Brother Bill,

      Your kind wishes for the day are gratefully received. Truth — yes — no regrets — as stock is taken now, and each and every day. Loved ones — that includes you, old poet friend, and the beautiful spirits that haunt the Milk and Honey House.

      With thanks always, and very best wishes for the coming year,

      Any Name You Choose


  3. Have a healthy and peaceful year ahead. 🙂

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