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The Perfect Gift

Every newborn is a perfect gift to the world. That fact doesn’t change, even when we believe and act otherwise. Someday, when all children grow up knowing they’re a perfect gift to the world, there will be no more war. There will be no culture of greed, anger, and retaliation, and no need to prove who’s stronger. There will be universal acceptance, cooperation, and gratitude for each other’s unique insights and abilities. That’s why all of us are born — to be the perfect gift, and to bring our joyful message to the world.


[ 1652 ]

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  1. Dear William, that’s true. We are all this inestimable treasure, before being born a second time in our spirit and this is the good news.
    But perhaps we have lost this right reading of our life, of the Tradition of all ages, of all times. The miracle is just there, but we do not see it.
    Everything starts today and everything ends today, but we are those beings who travel from another time, the one that is not time, and we travel from a space, the one that is not a space.
    This is the wonder.
    The Spirit blows where He wills and animates all things, including the Spirit itself. I am in that life and not in another understanding. All is One.
    So you are right, my dear William : birth, all births are wonderful.

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  2. Wonderful message! Merry Christmas, dear William.

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  3. Merry Christmas from Texas, William. Feels lot like Oregon down here.
    Beautiful piece (peace?).

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    • Many thanks, Gary. Merry Christmas to you both. We heard you were shivering. Yesterday, after being ice-bound for two or three days, the wind changed and we pulled out of our deep freeze. Back to good old Oregon rain.