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Instead of No

Instead of No, say Oh? You’ll feel better, and you’ll be that much closer to Yes.


[ 1625 ]

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  1. So true. Happy Monday My Friend.

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  2. As your delightful poem navigated the digital galaxy last evening, this silly bit found me wandering middle-of-the-night WP skies.

    “Derived from words like hyPOthesis or POtentiality, De Bono, a modern non-Aristotelian logician, created a new word – “po”. He says that we have only two words, “yes” or “no”, and there is no neutral word. … “Po” means “I am neither for nor against.”

    I’ll take poet over logician, any day. Oh?


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  3. “Oh?” Is what my gramma always said to let you believe she took you at your word.

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