William Michaelian

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Just As If

The tie you never wore,

The pants too tight, too loose,

Too long, too short to fit,

And all the rest of it.

Hello, madam. Good day, sir.

My hat is off, my head is soft,

My heart is just a blur.

But I love you — yes, I love you,

Just as if I were there

And you were here.


[ 1588 ]

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4 replies

  1. I’ve missed you, fellow blind sailor. When are you coming to Texas?

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  2. Gestern habe ich nicht gleich geschrieben, habe deine Worte mit auf den Friedhof genommen und am Grab an diese Worte gedacht…..
    Danke, lieber William, es war gut fürs Seelenheil….
    Herzlichst, Edith

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