William Michaelian

Poems, Notes, and Drawings

Cricket in the Rhododendron

I used to have a printer, and reams of paper on hand.

Envelopes and postage stamps.

Now I have a cricket in the rhododendron.

I have the things I’ve said, and what I thought they meant.

But only as I do or don’t remember them.

A closet full of books I no longer need or wear.

The coat that fit me when I had short beard and hair.

Dust enough for radishes.

It goes where the wind blows.

And the cricket, cricket, cricket, stays right here.


[ 1519 ]

Categories: A Few More Scratches

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4 replies

  1. Ein guter Tausch, das mit dem Papier und der Grille, lächel…Es sind die Dinge, die kleinen, des Augenblicks, die uns reich machen und uns zeigen, mehr braucht es im Moment nicht.
    Einen guten Wochenstart wünsche ich dir.

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  2. Beautiful. I just did an article on the rhododendron. Love them so much 🌱😁

    Liked by 1 person

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