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Ivy Detail

Today I started removing our last big swath of ivy, which looked something like a green glacier flowing down from the wide, mounded base of the fir tree in the southeast corner of the backyard — the leafy “ice” being about two and a half feet deep and matted with summer spider webs, twigs, needles, and cones, twenty feet long, and six feet wide. When I’m done, there will be ivy only on the fence. As I do with cooking, writing, and all other yard work, I clean up as I go. I’ve never been one for multiple drafts and fighting through my own debris. Even a mountain of ivy or tree trimmings can be artistically arranged, or so I tell myself. Maybe this shows in the way these pages are organized. No matter how many there are, there’s always room for one more in its own dedicated space. By virtue of this arrangement, the content, at least, doesn’t look like debris.

August 9, 2022


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  1. Wir haben auch viel Efeu, das Beschneiden haben wir noch vor uns. Ich schneide für Buntwäsche stets 10 Blätter Efeu, gebe sie in einen kleinen Wäschesack und wasche damit die Wäsche. UND – sie wird sauber!!! Efeu ist ein ganz natürliches Waschmittel für Buntwäsche.
    Herzlichst, Edith

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