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Enough Revolution for One Day

Two glasses of water, a pause online to say hello, then a nice brisk run in the dark.

A tiny bit of coffee — it seems, of late, I’ve lost my taste for it. Three or four sips is enough. It may be, after all these years, the body and mind have decided to move on.

A half-cup of quinoa cooked and cooling for this week’s salad.

Before I complain about the government, or publicly pretend to be on a pathless path to an imagined enlightenment, I’ll see if I can keep my spine straight and my core muscles firm for five minutes. At my age, considering the battering I’ve given this brave old body, that’s revolution enough for one day.

August 7, 2022


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5 replies

  1. Your bodily-purity sometimes fills me with shame at the thought of my lack. So, I do what I do best and stop thinking about it ~ . ~

    When the day comes we no longer thirst for (even) water, where will be be? xx

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  2. Yes, William, I agree with you. Let us be where we truly are. I really like that. A lot. It is even very beautiful not to be more.
    Thanks dear.

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