William Michaelian

Poems, Notes, and Drawings

Juniper Tales

Yesterday I saw a hummingbird visit a small spider that had made its web in the juniper, about fifteen feet above the ground. Twice it appeared to touch the spider with its long beak, and each time it did so, the spider held perfectly still. Then, when the hummingbird zipped away, the spider moved to the tip of the nearest branch. It’s hard to know exactly what happened. The hummingbird might have taken the spider’s lunch, or even a leg from the spider itself. Or maybe the two know each other, and the bird stopped by to say hello. Either way, they certainly know each other now.

Whatever serious or meaningful new thing you try, take it with you through all four seasons. See how it wears in the summer heat, and if it becomes brittle in the cold. Is it moved when the bright colors come to fall? And what in spring? Does it rejoice? And does your heart beat more eagerly, quickly, still?


[ 1507 ]

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  1. Charlotte and Wilbur take many forms ~

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