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Dream Notes

Thyme is blooming in abundance along the Goose Lake trail; also Queen Anne’s Lace and poison hemlock. There is less chicory this year. We saw sixteen rabbits on our walk of two and a half miles, watching us and waiting in the path, until their last-second run for cover. Tansy. Blackberries. Thistles. Twice, we ran for a short distance.

The volunteer cherry tomatoes at the foot of our garden space have done so well that we’ve staked and tied them. During the hottest part of the day, they’re shaded by the sunflowers, the tallest of which are ten to twelve feet. Again this year, we’re seeing sunflower colors we haven’t before. We do no planting. We simply leave them to the bees.

There is one more apricot on the tree. We picked seven this morning, and ate two at lunch that we had brought in yesterday.

The blueberries, despite the warmth afforded by this summer’s first official heat wave, are taking their time.

Just as we were setting out for the park this morning, we both felt it and said so: life is a strange and beautiful dream.

July 25, 2022


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  1. …ja, und so vielfältig, so richtige Abwechslungsjahre – mal heiß und trocken, dann nass und kalt, doch immer bietet uns die Natur viele Freuden an….
    Herzlichst, Edith

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