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Believe Not In Corners

The movement of birds, leaves, and insects; the changing patterns of light and shade; clouds; a walker passing by; all accompanied by subtle changes in humidity and temperature — these are the things we miss when we stay indoors and focus for too long on books and screens. Not only do we miss them, we miss the naturally beneficial medicine of our physical engagement and response to random stimuli, our brains and eyes and hearts and breath caught up in life’s rhythm and dance. Books; screens; to which we should add, perhaps, our worries, opinions, and fears.

A mourning dove, calling from atop a tall fir, bright-white-silver in the early-morning sun.

The childhood memory of coming upon a dove in her nest, built in the well-shaded crown of an Emperor grapevine, close enough to reach out and touch.

The present-perfect of a compost pile.

Zinnias and ladybugs.

Believe not in corners. Life makes them round.


[ 1495 ]

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