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I Think I Know

This morning we visited South Falls, Lower South Falls, and Frenchy Falls.

On the way there, we talked about learning and doing things slowly, simply for the sake of learning and doing them, with no thought of achievement, results, or how long they might take. One could focus on learning to play an instrument, for instance, or take up a language; I could learn English, even how to write poetry.

We saw fields of flowers being grown for seed. We saw new plantings of tiny firs destined to become Christmas trees. One could say destined for slaughter, but, true as that is, most of the world would think it was silly.

Long ago there was a “turkey plant” in our hometown where one could see dead turkeys hanging on hooks as the line proceeded along the street before coming in and out of the building.

The junco family is doing well. Both parents are busy from dawn to dusk bringing food to the nest. I still water their hanging basket home early every morning. Several times now, we’ve watched the birds, and the birds have watched us, from a distance of two or three feet. The male and female both make a soft clicking sound, and they don’t seem to be frightened at all. They either wait for us to leave, or simply go on about their business.

There’s also a robin nest somewhere nearby; twice a baby has fluttered down into the yard, only to wonder why it’s there and what it’s supposed to be doing, while the parents squawk from a branch overhead. Things are resolved eventually; we never see where they go. The area behind the house has become quite a sanctuary.

It doesn’t matter what I write. I’ve known it for a good long while, but I think I know it a bit differently now.

I think I know is a funny phrase.

July 15, 2022. Afternoon.


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  1. Such depth of perception, so simple yet too complex for so many to grasp. Beautiful post.

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