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The big rhododendron by the front door’s in full bloom. Each bud, when open, holds about a dozen flowers. It would be meaningless to say they’re red — just as it would be meaningless to say that this is the first day of June. What I hope will not be meaningless, tho’ it matters not one way or the other, is that I’ll be stepping away from my online publishing and social media activity for the rest of the month. This is something I haven’t done, at least voluntarily, since launching my first website almost twenty-one years ago. Call it a pause; call it a rest; call it an experiment — all would be true. Come July, should you and I still share the good fortune of being here, we might call it something else. In the meantime, you have my thanks, as always, and my assurance that all is well.


[ 1478 ]

Categories: Sweet Sleep and Bare Feet

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10 replies

  1. Enjoy the hiatus, William. Peace, joy and good health to you and yours.

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  2. Friendship is unwavering.
    We wish you a nice break.
    See you soon, William, with all my heart.

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  3. May you pause, rest and experiment well, very much like the flowers you so eloquently describe, whose return is also always worth the wait.

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  4. Alors très bonne pause, profitez de chaque instant, et à plus tard 🙂 / So very good break, enjoy every moment, and see you later 🙂

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  5. Enjoy your break, William. I’ll miss you and your messages that come to me early each morning.

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  6. peace be with you…be well
    grateful for you…always
    Jill Hlavaty

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  7. Enjoy the break, take the time you need and know you’ll be missed. Take care of yourself.

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  8. Smile. I love the rhodies, but had to substitute them for azaleas at my new home. Kindred flowers. Glad you make and share.

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  9. Enjoy what I hope will be a a simple pause, William. I certainly hope you’ll be back.

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  10. Oh, just when I returned. 🥺 Will miss your posts, but maybe it will give me time to catch up with your older posts. Until July, take care x

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