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There’s a young robin building a nest on top of a light fixture under the eaves next to the little door that leads from the garage into the backyard. She worked at it Sunday for about eleven hours, having great difficulty at first due to the slippery metal, but by evening she’d managed to form what looked like a relatively secure base. Fluffy and determined, she resumed work yesterday morning before six. More vocal about her effort, she kept at it throughout the day, but more sporadically, stopping to look off into space and listen for long stretches. This is all taking place just to the right of our kitchen window, where we can see her flapping back and forth between the fixture and fig tree with beak-loads of nesting material. It’s dark out now. We’ll see what the new day brings.


[ 1459 ]

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  1. Auch wir haben unseren Meisenkasten im Blick… Beim Beobachten vergessen wir oft die Zeit….
    Dir viele frohe Stunden…

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